Abbie Gray

I am an advertising photographer that has recently found my direction. When I started at Plymouth College of Art I had a love for a mix of genres but was mostly focused in food photography and thought that this was the direction I would go in for the next three years. However when the Pandemic hit I decided to change most of my ideas and themes within my work. Moving from food I decided to go more into portraits and product photography. Advertising photography is the umbrella of both these genres that I now work with. Along with my advertising imagery I try to have key themes of gender and sexuality. This is because I want to change the way that people see and understand these issues. Having a diverse group photographed without it being the main focus to show that people shouldn’t need to be in a set category.

With my work for my FMP these themes of sexuality and gender are at the forefront of my project whilst simultaneously not having it so obvious until the viewer truly looks at the work in far more detail. The reason for this is because there are a lot of people in the LGBTQ+ community that don’t feel as if they can be fully out to everyone in their life and I wanted to reflect this within my work.