Becky Welbourn

I am an advertising photographer, working within the niche area of photoelasticity. Prior to shooting with these plastics, I was most comfortable shooting landscapes. This was not beneficial for me as this didn’t have a commercial context. I found myself preferring to work alone in a studio environment. Although I was technically able to photograph models, I favoured shooting products as I could work alone.

Despite my passion for photoelasticity, the plastics needed for this effect to take place are very limited. I discovered this effect in my second year, the project recaptured my love for photography. This is why I chose to continue within this area not only for my final major project, but within my personal work. This imagery will tie together for me to create a portfolio for this niche area. Although I had to overcome the difficulty to link this abstract photography to a commercialised context. I did this through applying my work to brands that have established themselves with colour and rainbow. This has allowed me to not only explore commercial context but representation such as the LGBTQ+ community who have adopted the rainbow flag.