Chelsea Hopkins

My practice primarily revolves around advertising, touching on food, beverage and product photography. Throughout the duration of my degree, I have focused on building my creativity and technical skills, especially in a studio environment. As a result, I have formed a dynamic yet elegant style, focusing on crisp composition and attention to detail. My images are consistent with their warm and polished nature. I have always been experimental with lighting, learning exactly how different materials absorb or reflect the luminosity of different modifiers. This systematically led me onto refining my retouching skills.

I have always enjoyed creating digital outputs, especially posters, packaging and creating interactive GIF’s, always viewing my images from the customers perspective. I love creating conceptual stories in still-life, including emotion and theoretical value. This naturally led me to create my own brand ‘Gala Gin’ for my final major project. With the help of illustrator and animator Stephanie Anjo, I was able to create my own product, focused on female empowerment. I photographed all the content for the brand, from ingredients shots to final studio images, forming a catalogue to display the fresh new gin.