Emma Bird

I am a still life photographer specialising in food, drink and product. I grew up
in London and decided to take the big step to come and study at Plymouth
College of Art.

I have always had a love for photographing still life and having studied in Plymouth this has developed that into a passion.I constantly challenge myself to create new and interesting ways to photograph objects from pieces of fruit to re-cycled glass razors, all the while endeavouring to achieve an interesting, aesthetically pleasing and original outcome. At the beginning of any piece of work I will develop and build an idea of what I hope to achieve through researching the product and how it will lend itself to the best possible shot. This isn’t always straightforward and I will often find myself adapting ideas during shoots to overcome hurdles, but always pushing the boundaries to achieve my goals.For my FMP I really wanted to focus on drink photography as it’s something I have touched on every year while studying and have always found it to be personally the most rewarding. This is one of my images that I have selected from my cocktail series. The idea was to create a seasonal cocktail book focused on colour theory and formalism. Using the colours from the individual cocktails I have created various 3D scenes, involving the idea of the season that is associated with the drink.