George Crocker

I am a product and studio based still life photographer in the Southwest of the UK. I specialise in a range of photography including product, still life, and portraits. I specialise in advertising photography for commercial use.

I started out taking photos around my hometown back when I was 14/15 years old just using my mobile phone and several years later I’m out using a full DSLR to shoot for clients and brands to earn money from. From there I decided to do an extended diploma with Plymouth college of art in 2016 which after that, in 2018 I started on the BA commercial photography for fashion, advertising and editorial photography. During this course I found that my area is definitely more advertising based.

For my final major project, I wanted to show that not all the expensive items are always the best so I used cheap products that wouldn’t have the branding or budget to be shown off in a high end way. As well as saving money, I wanted it to help small businesses and companies grow and expand so that smaller businesses get some exposure rather than always seeing the bigger global brands taking over.