Hannah Paige

I am an advertising photographer with a focus in colour. I started Plymouth College of Art having only ever photographed landscapes and the occasional portraits, so the direction I wanted to head in had yet to be decided. I fell in love with the diverse range of advertising, seeing which boundaries could be pushed when looking at previous adverts in contextual practice. I always try to picture the final outcome and text layout before I start shooting as I am thinking about the possible places it would show up; it could be a billboard or in a magazine. With my work, I try to keep up to date with the current trends and always check them before I start on a project. I love to experiment and push myself with my images, including incorporating people into sets and creating editorial images to go alongside advertising shots.

For my Final Major Project, I adopted a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly products, many being from smaller businesses. I decided to create billboards and a product guide from the photographs I have taken, to display the vast range of eco-friendly products. With my product guide, I looked into using recycled paper and an eco-friendly font for the printed version as well as creating a version available online, reducing paper consumption.