Hayley Peberdy

I am a food and product photographer with a creative focus on lifestyle food photography. When I started at Plymouth College of Art, I initially wanted to be a portrait and editorial photographer – I was shooting weddings and bridal editorials and really enjoyed it when I studied at college in Scotland. However, at the start of the second year at PCA, I very quickly found that my passion lies within food photography. I had never shot food professionally before, but over the past couple of years I have really learnt and developed new skills in this area. Being at PCA has allowed me to be creative and explore different areas of my practice whilst also developing my professional identity and industry knowledge that will help me move on with my career.

For my Final Major Project, I wanted to create a cookbook that could showcase my versatile skill set of using natural and studio light to photograph food. I adopted the idea of using a versatile ingredient such as an egg to be the hero ingredient of my cookbook – in which, ‘Yolk’ was created. The imagery within the cookbook ranges from conceptual, minimal studio shots of eggs to lifestyle, styled final dishes.