Josh Huxham

I’m an automotive photographer based in Cornwall. I have always enjoyed cars, but it was not until beginning my degree that I fell in love with shooting them. I was lucky enough to win a competition shoot with Mercedes-Benz South West in my first year, which in turn led to a two week work placement with them and the opportunity to shoot some fantastic cars in great locations. Whilst my work now primarily focuses on advertising I also have a passion for motorsport and have shot Formula 3 and stage rallying as well as many local club level events.

For my Final Major Project I am recreating the launch campaign for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The initial campaign sought to address some of the more negative aspects of the brand, highlighting things such as the cars safety rating and economy, whilst things such as the aesthetic appeal and the driving experience were secondary. My campaign features images that are the opposite, that highlight the aesthetics of the car and give a sense of the driving experience, playing to the brands strengths.