Roxy Owen

I am a product photographer from Oxford who specialises in still life imagery. I am drawn to bright colours and texture, but I love to experiment with lots of different styles. My photography has evolved over the last three years a lot, to have a very graphic quality, with clean lighting and lots of negative space. I have been inspired by many different photographers and art movements, such as the Renaissance period and more recently formalism. I spend a lot of time composing each image, so I have always loved creating still life set-ups, and I think that my work is in between fine art and commercial photography.


For my FMP, I have been using brightly coloured monochrome sets to showcase small products from antique shops and small businesses. I aim to show through my work the benefits of shopping consciously, and showing different ways of consuming things, by shopping from eco-friendly second hand stores, instead of buying from large corporations. The sets were inspired by different periods throughout history, such as the 1920s, and I have used a combination of wallpaper and different fabrics to support this. I have shot each product separately, as well as together, so in my output the viewer can see where each item is from and its value. I have created a photo book for this project, called “Retrograde”, which I designed to be very minimalistic, so it shows my images in a way that makes them stand out.