Shanine Bartlett

I am a product photographer and lifestyle portrait photographer from Bournemouth. When I first started studying at Plymouth College of Art, I thought I wanted to be a fashion photographer. But after completing my fashion module I discovered that I preferred advertising with creating contextualised outputs. In the past three years during the course, I have found a passion for still life and lifestyle products photography this is with having a narrative in my work that helps tell a story and styling the background to fit this is with finding and crafting relevant props. My most recent work has been around narrative setups and representation of models this is with looking at the types of models being used currently in advertisement and challenging this with using non-stereotype models and also not retouching skin with leaving in stretch marks and skin imperfections to keep it authentic.


My final Major Project developed on from this. With looking at the brand Revolution with them being an inclusive brand with their choice of models and products that cater for everyone. For my project, I rebranded Revolution skincare with wanting to show their summer range of skincare in a narrative set-up. For this, I wanted to have a summer-themed background for the shoots with having the products having a day at the beach or hanging on a washing line. Whilst also having some portrait elements of showing men using pampering products in a more traditionally feminine way with questioning the gender stereotypes in advertisements based around skincare and beauty related products.