Jack Dodds

My work largely revolves around the sports genre – the action, lifestyle and communities which surround sports. Photographically, there is a dynamic between the subject and the environment and this is what my study is based on. In my final year there has been synthesis between the more technical areas of my practice with the stylistic elements, which has allowed me to produce work which represents the cultures I incorporate into my work. I am, however, constantly engrossed with the gritty, urban tone which exists in most of my sports photography.

I am interested in creative individuals, and more recently my work has also encapsulated the documentation of artists, what they produce and their culture.

For my FMP, I chose to document the lives and works of visual artists, and the catharsis this provides on an individual level. The narrative of my final major project is mainly concerning the true function of art and the destructive alternatives to fulfilment through expression.