Lucy Jones

I am an editorial, interiors and lifestyle photographer.

When I first started studying at Plymouth College of Art  I thought I would continue to be a portrait photographer because previously I had been freelancing part time as a family portrait and wedding photographer. However over these past 3 years my direction has completely changed,  I have found a love for capturing the essence of interiors and still life settings within a space and promoting the lifestyle that comes along with it. I enjoy collaborating with fellow creatives from the interior design course to assist me with styling but also enjoying learning the art of  styling and the set  building process that comes with this form of photography. 

My most recent work due to the pandemic restrictions have been focused within my own home, inspired by a new understanding that our dependable and unwavering homes became the safe ground on which to stand during this very unfamiliar time we are all facing.  We all need to feel safe and our surrounding environment is incredibly important for our well being.

For my final major project I researched sustainability within interior design and decoration. Focusing on styling spaces by repurposing vintage finds from salvage yards and charity shops. Documenting the importance of recycling and upcycling to help educate through visual language that we can not be a throw away society any more, it’s time to change.