Nadine Critchley

I am a West country based commercial photographer who grew up on Dartmoor in Devon.

I’m a lover of the arts and the quintessential countryside that surrounds us. It provides an abundance of landscapes and diverse colour tones only seen on Dartmoor. The wildlife and the people that inhabit the moor provide a wealth of characters that give the moor a unique and authentic backdrop for my work. I relish working with people, especially women and going beyond the lens to capture their true form. Narrative storytelling is a key element within my work with a focus on editorial, fashion and portrait photography. I recognise the need to build a relationship with the individual being photographed to make connections allowing the image to portray its true meaning.

My current body of work has explored the journey taken by women as they transition through the menopause embracing sisterhood, identity and femininity. The pandemic led me to adapt my creative response leading me to investigate women’s health and wellbeing at a vulnerable age of change. This has been inspired by my own experiences as a woman in her forties leading to a narrative that reflects a need for inner strength, focus and determination. This body of work provides an insight into the lives of a number of women captured through the lens as they lived through a pandemic as they strive to find inner balance and wellbeing within our rural Dartmoor community.