Catherine Hyde

Throughout my time at PCA I have developed and refined my photographic work into imagery that exerts a strong sense of fashion and styling by focusing on Fashion and Portraiture.

My work endeavours to capture and showcase authenticity and individuality in all forms as I am naturally drawn to people who are unapologetically themselves. I take a large interest in portraying people in a way they often do not consider to be possible through the means of photography by paying attention to detail, using bold colour and incorporating abstract hair and makeup looks.

My main interest in Photography is within Fashion, however my work expands various outputs, including Portraiture, Advertising and Branding Campaigns, Fashion Editorials with some moving Image. This showcases my transferability in working in both studio and location environments, as well as my ability to style a large variety of aesthetics. As I complete my degree, I can confidently say that I have developed a strong sense of personal style, technical capability and distinctive vision through my work. As well as having a multi-purposeful mindset when working on new briefs, in order to elevate each photoshoot when working as a collaborative team.

My can do attitude, creative flair and confidence has enabled me to assist and work with many different photographers and designers, which has helped shaped me to be the photographer I am today. I hope to continually develop my style and portfolio by working with more innovative creatives, fashion brands, designers and hair and makeup artists as I prepare to enter the Photographic Industry as a Graduate Commercial Photographer.