Kristen Bentley

Ever since I started on my photography journey at the start of my A levels, I always knew that I would be a fashion and portrait photographer. Going into university has been one of the trickiest yet most rewarding times in regards to my professional work and finding my own style. From the start of my second year, it was a given to start incorporating my developing style where I work with colours and tones, and how that can create emotion/narrative through my imagery. Refining that style through my technical skills and experience in working with both studios and on locations has meant that coming up to my final major project, it has become recognisable to others. With my newfound confidence showing through my work, this became a central point for all of my shoots where I aim to empower and bring out the confidence in my models. Majority of my work features a female model and I realised quickly that this was what I wanted to do, I wanted to empower and uplift other women through my photography. This can be seen in my research and experimentation module, and now in my final major project where I am working with a team of creatives to pay homage to iconic moments in history, with a modern twist, and only having a female model to challenge gender stereotypes, the patriarchal society we live in and to support feminist theories.

My experience that I have gained while studying has allowed me to develop my skills and knowledge as a professional photographer and gain more industry experience to help me move forward. When I complete my degree, I would love for my future work to still feature women as much as possible and in a way that uplifts and empowers them through my fashion and portraiture. Eventually I would like to be working as an in-house photographer for a fashion brand or a freelance fashion photographer; being able to travel the world while working with clients such as influencers,before becoming a creative director later on in my career.