Paris Netherton

I am primarily a fashion photographer who also likes to incorporate an element of advertising into my work. I am able to achieve this by using accessories and creating still life or flat lay images that create consistent and interesting sets of images. In my final year of my degree I believe that I have found my passion for fashion photography,  and the direction in which I see my future career heading towards would ideally be employment with an online retailer such as Missguided or Boohoo. I have been with Plymouth College of Art for the past 5 years now, first as part of the Graphics Extended Diploma cohort and then earning my degree with the Commercial Photography cohort, by practicing both of these disciplines I feel like it has really given me an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry due to having developed a broad range of relevant and sought after skills across the board which I feel have given me that edge to my work. I thoroughly enjoy creating fashion advertisements and being able to use all of my skills to their fullest, and this is fuelled by my love for the fashion industry. 

For my Final Major Project, I assumed the role of a fashion photographer for Missguided, selecting a line of clothes in order to create an entire campaign shoot assuming that I had been granted total creative freedom. I also decided to look into women in music and take inspiration from album release photoshoots for artists such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Olivia Rodrigo, and work these techniques into my shoots to really promote the idea of female empowerment as this is also something that Missguided stands for. Incorporating my Graphics and Photography skills has enabled me to create physical advertisements and a range of other promotional material that you may see on social media and on screen.