Rhiannon Reynolds

My photography practice revolves around fashion photography and portraits. I have focused on improving my technique and skill and my creative skill throughout my time studying at Plymouth College of Art. This allows me to explore and develop my own creative style, which combines my favourite areas in my time experimenting, including; cinematic skills, fine art and location fashion photography. I have been very experimental with my work; this has been an excellent opportunity to advance my skills and express narrative and emotion in fine details. At PCA, I have also been given the space to grow technically, creatively and professionally, encouraging me to grow my professional identity. 

In my Final Major Project, I wanted to combine all of my favourite styles in my practice as well as express my passion for storytelling and fine details. Using a Cinematic approach, I wanted to use a fine art concept and create both portraits and cinematic stills. This dynamic best executed the output I envisioned. This led to a complex project that assuredly inspired me. During this project, I was inspired and determined to learn from other creative disciplines to further my work and allow for the best outcome: this incorporated prop design, set building, acting and much more. I have enjoyed this time to expand my knowledge within the creative industry and create a project from this.